Volkswagen New Golf Mother's Day Commercial / Werbung

Volkswagen extends warm Mother’s Day wishes in a fresh commercial that also celebrates the Golf’s 50th anniversary.

Set to the tune of Green Day’s hit single “Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)”, the ad unfolds with a poignant narrative. A young woman embarks on her college journey in her family’s VW Golf, only to revisit the scene decades later as her daughter sets off for college in the family’s new Golf.

As the commercial draws to a close, an onscreen line emphasizes the timeless nature of the bond between mother and child, stating, “Timeless. Like a mother’s love.” The imagery captures the young driver, now behind the wheel of a near-production prototype of the new Golf, seeking guidance from the optional Voice Assistant IDA on how to uplift her parents.

In a final flourish, the tagline “The new Golf. Made by life. Made for life.” graces the screen, encapsulating the enduring essence of Volkswagen’s iconic vehicle.