VIZIO Raccoons Commercial

VIZIO has launched a fresh advertising campaign titled “Watch Us,” aimed at showcasing the redesigned VIZIO Home Screen. The campaign underscores the transformative nature of the VIZIO Home Screen, whether users are engaged in watching the multitude of channels on Watchfree+, sharing photos through VIZIOgram, or enjoying Pandora.

Created by David & Goliath, the featured spot unfolds with a human-sized raccoon drawing culinary inspiration from Jamie Oliver, viewed on VIZIO Watchfree+. After a delightful meal, the raccoon and his female companion cozy up to watch their vacation album on the expansive screen through the VIZIOgram app. As music swells and a romantic moment builds, the scene takes an unexpected turn when a sound interrupts, revealing two raccoons peering into the home from a windowsill. This clever plot twist portrays the raccoons imagining a life akin to the couple inside.

The onscreen tagline, “Change the way you see the world,” concludes the 60-second advertisement, accompanied by the tune of “I Got You” by The Barking Owls. Beyond the commercial, this campaign marks the initiation of a comprehensive rebrand for VIZIO, introducing a modern V-motif graphic across diverse mediums, including print, digital, website, broadcast, social media, and more. The launch work serves as a manifesto, expressing VIZIO’s commitment to innovation and enhancing the entertainment experience.

This multifaceted campaign extends to various social assets, running across network and cable TV, paid digital platforms, paid social media, and VIZIO-owned channels and brand assets. It signifies VIZIO’s dedication to redefining its brand identity and elevating the overall consumer experience.