Santander UK Edge Projections Advert - Feat. Newsreader Jon Snow

Veteran journalist Jon Snow teams up with Ant and Dec in a fresh campaign promoting Santander’s Edge current account.

Crafted in collaboration with House 337, Merman Production, Mitre Studios, Carat, and IPG, the inaugural advertisement extends the ongoing saga of Ant and Dec as the CEOs of the Bank of Antandec, endeavoring to rival Santander’s banking prowess. This time, their antics revolve around thwarting Santander’s new Edge current account. Presented as a news bulletin, Jon Snow assumes the role of the news anchor, reporting on Santander’s projection of the ‘Edge’ logo onto the iconic White Cliffs of Dover, while disclosing an attempt by anonymous pranksters to alter it to ‘SausEdge’. CCTV footage implicates the Bank of Antandec CEOs in the mischief, yet the unintended consequence is public fascination rather than sabotage. A local fruit and vegetable vendor joyfully reveals a surge in business, attributed to the fortuitous placement of the letter “V” before “Edge” on the nearby wall.

The ad culminates with Snow affirming, “Despite the pranksters’ best efforts, it appears Santander’s Edge current account campaign is irresistibly captivating.” Finally, the tagline “Finding your edge. It starts here” graces the screen.

The new campaign, unveiled on May 3rd, will be extensively showcased across various mediums including TV, video on demand, cinema, radio, out-of-home (OOH) advertising, social media, digital display, in-branch displays, personalized communications, and the official website. Moreover, the campaign will come alive through OOH installations nationwide, with a special live projection scheduled at Liverpool Albert Dock on May 4th.

“We think the Santander Edge current account offers customers a better way to manage the day-to-day, whilst also building for the future, through a range of fantastic benefits. We’re excited to have more people check the account out and see how it can work for them,” Dan Sherwood, marketing director at Santander UK, in a press statement.

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