Progressive Boss Material Commercial - Feat. Actors Flo & Jamie

Progressive has released a new advertisement to promote its insurance coverage.

In the commercial, Flo, Jamie, Mara, and Alan are depicted at a camping site, joined by Dave, an RV owner insured by Progressive. When Jamie makes a joke about “sticking with the boss,” Mara hesitates and asks Flo if she’s going to accept that remark. Flo, slightly surprised, responds, “Why would that concern me?” Mara then hesitantly tries to imply that Flo is the boss, but doesn’t clearly state it. “Because you’re the…”, “Aren’t you the…?” she mumbles.

Jamie then interjects, suggesting they haven’t really discussed hierarchy. Unwilling to have this conversation, Flo redirects the conversation, suggesting they stick to letting Dave know how much he could save when be bundles his auto and auto with his boat or RV.

To everyone’s surprise, Dave reveals he assumed Jamie was the boss. This leads to laughter from the group, with even Jamie admitting he isn’t “boss material.”

Progressive is famous for having Flo as its spokesperson. Progressive enlisted Natalie Palamides as Mara in 2020, three years after tapping actor Jim Cashman as Jamie. The insurance company has also teamed up with Paul Mabon to play Alan, Christine Tawfik to play Lucy, and Brian Stepanek to play Bob.

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