Muller Anchorman TV Advert
Müller has launched a new ad campaign, called “Love Every Bit”, which aims to boost brand awareness and to remind consumers of its role as a fabric of the nation brand.

One of the spots features a TV presenter who wants to have his last drop of Müller FRijj at any cost. The advert shows the team counting from 3 to 1 before going live and the newsreader holding his bottle of Müller FRijj above his head, waiting for the last drop to fall into his mouth.

The production team and some of the viewers are shown watching surprised the unexpected scene. However, once the last drop falls on his tongue, the man greets the audience by saying “Good evening and welcome to the 10 o’clock news.”

Another spot tells the story of a schoolteacher in the school lunchroom who has to lick the creamy yogurt from the lid of her Müller Corner and another one tells the story of a young boy who wants to break free from his family’s age old traditions of eating cold Müller Rice and enjoy his product warm.

“We’re excited to celebrate some of our most loved products in our new master brand campaign. We’re on a mission to remind the nation what makes Müller special while introducing our products to a whole new audience. What better way than through heroing the eating rituals that our consumers have and letting them know they can eat our products in any way they want to enjoy every last bit,” Markéta Kristlová, brand equity lead at Müller Yogurt & Desserts, said in a press release.

Created by agency of record VCCP London, the campaign is set to run across TV, VOD, YouTube.

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