Lynx Robbery Commercial / Advert Actors

Lynx promotes its new LYNX Blue Lavender, a standout scent from the Fine Fragrance Collection, in a humorous advert created by LOLA MullenLowe.

The ad is part of the brand’s new “The Power of a Fragrance” campaign. It features a woman who impulsively attempts to rob a roadside café. She demands everyone to sit down and instructs the worker to hand over all the money. However, when a waiter appears, she removes her hood and approaches to sniff him, remarking, “You smell proper good,” to the young man named Ryan. When the police arrive, she lies on him, telling the cops that the thief went another way.

In the end, she grabs some money from the manager and leaves with Ryan, who professes his love in the car as they drive away behind the police car. The advertisement concludes with the tagline “The Power of a Fragrance” displayed on the screen next to a bottle of LYNX Blue Lavender.

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