Lexus NX Recode the Future Commercial / Werbung

Lexus presents the Lexus NX in a new commercial, emphasizing its striking design and intuitive technology, making the path to living your best life as effortless as your pursuit of excellence.

“How do we show up as our whole self when life has so many parts to switch between?” the voiceover asks in the 45-second spot. The ad features a Lexus owner who decides to postpone a meeting and leave the office to spend the day with loved ones. He visits his nephew, gifting him a bicycle for his birthday, and takes his girlfriend out to dinner, impressing her with his parallel parking skills, which are actually aided by the car’s technology. “You made that look easy,” she remarks, referring to the parking.

The narrator highlights that Lexus’s technology helps us integrate all aspects of our lives seamlessly and concludes with the tagline, “Recode your future with the tech-forward and tech-ready Lexus NX.”

In terms of design, the Lexus NX features a dynamic grille with an integrated frame, distinctive 4-projector LED headlights with a black surround, and the stylish Lexus signature blade light. The redesigned Lexus logo is prominently displayed at the vehicle’s center.

The car offers an urban EV zero emissions range of 80 km, 306 DIN hp of power, and impressive acceleration. Inside, it boasts the Tazuna cockpit and Drive Mode Select, allowing drivers to customize their driving experience with Eco, Normal, or Sport modes.

The NX lineup includes both the NX 350h self-charging hybrid and the NX 450h+ plug-in hybrid, featuring advanced Lexus Plug-In Hybrid and Lexus Self-Charging Hybrid powertrains.

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