Lexus NX Brothers Commercial

Lexus unveils its latest commercial featuring the Lexus NX lineup, where two brothers embark on a journey beyond the city limits to a grand opening event. One of them, a chef, is tasked with cooking at the event, but doubts they’ll arrive on time. However, his optimistic brother, at the wheel of the Lexus NX, remains confident.

The brother picked up from the office responds with a simple “Not likely” to various inquiries along the way. Upon their arrival at the destination, it’s his brother who gives him this answer when the first one suggests borrowing the car in the future.

Throughout the commercial, the Lexus NX highlights its standout features, including its exterior design, cockpit, and Panoramic View Monitor. The message emphasizes the vehicle’s tech-forward approach, urging viewers to achieve their goals with the Lexus NX.

The NX range includes both the NX 350h self-charging hybrid and NX 450h+ plug-in hybrid, featuring advanced Lexus Plug-In Hybrid and Lexus Self-Charging Hybrid powertrains. These options offer greater fuel efficiency and environmental friendliness compared to traditional petrol or diesel SUVs.

Design-wise, the Lexus NX showcases a dynamic grille with an integrated frame, distinctive 4-projector LED headlights with a black surround, and a stylish Lexus signature blade light. The redesigned Lexus logo sits prominently at the vehicle’s center.

Performance-wise, the Lexus NX boasts an urban EV zero emissions range of 80 km, 306 DIN hp of power, and impressive acceleration. Inside, it features the Tazuna cockpit and Drive Mode Select, allowing drivers to customize their driving experience with Eco, Normal, or Sport modes.

Safety is paramount with the latest Lexus Safety System+, including features like Pre-Collision System and Dynamic Radar Cruise Control, ensuring peace of mind on the road.

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