Land Rover Discovery Sport Commercial ( Werbung )

Land Rover introduces its Discovery Sport SUV in a brand new advertisement.

The commercial highlights a European model of the Discovery Sport Dynamic HSE, utilized by a seven-member family to venture out of the urban landscape to bask in a sunlit day amidst nature and enjoy dinner beneath a towering tree. The voiceover mentions that the Discovery Sport has room for up to seven across three rows of flexible seating, is versatile by design, and its modern refined interior combines clean design with thoughtful storage.

Furthermore, the narrator underscores the utility of the Discovery Sport, noting its expansive load space that encourages spontaneous travel, alongside the Clear Sight interior rear view mirror, ensuring visibility regardless of cargo. Clad in colorful outfits, the family members transport an array of items, including rugs, cushions, frames, a flower vase, and even a chair, attesting to the car’s capacious cargo area.

As the advertisement draws to a close, the voiceover delivers the tagline, “Discovery Sport – Ready for Family Adventures,” encapsulating the vehicle’s aptitude for accommodating familial journeys.

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