Kia EV3 A Moving Power Commercial

Kia’s latest commercial for the EV3 emphasizes its ability to transition everyone into the electric vehicle era.

The 60-second ad showcases a diverse group of people driving the new Kia EV3 through bustling cities and varied terrains, accompanied by family and friends.

The video highlights memorable moments, such as enjoying a meal in the car, dancing while waiting for a train to pass, and going surfing.

The voiceover concludes with the voiceover declaring “The Kia EV3 might seat five, but has the power to move everyone into the EV era,” and introducing the Kia EV3 as “A Moving Power.”

The Kia EV3 features a compact and progressive exterior, complemented by an open, simple, and innovative interior designed to maximize space. The cabin includes sustainable materials and a sliding table console with clever storage solutions.

This all-electric vehicle offers a 600 km range, 31-minute fast charging (10-80%), and one-pedal driving that adjusts regenerative braking levels to maximize energy efficiency and reduce fatigue on long drives. Additionally, it comes equipped with the Kia AI Assistant, which provides vehicle-related assistance, recommendations, and more.