Heinz UK Bonnie Last Bottle of Heinz Mayo Advert

Heinz UK has unveiled a captivating new advertisement inspired by a social media post from a user named Bonnie. In her post, Bonnie boldly declared, “If there’s one bottle of Heinz Mayo left in the world… it’s mine.”

This sentiment sets the stage for a thrilling 20-second spot set in a post-apocalyptic world, where zombies clamor to seize the last bottle of Heinz Mayonnaise. However, Bonnie, savoring a sandwich generously adorned with Heinz Mayo, ensures the precious condiment remains hers.

The advertisement culminates with a resonant voiceover declaring, “When it comes to seriously good mayonnaise, it has to be Heinz.”

In a recent announcement, Heinz introduced a limited edition sauce titled “Barbiecue Sauce,” a pink vegan mayonnaise infused with BBQ flavoring.

This innovative creation, developed in collaboration with Mattel, the proprietors of the Barbie brand, celebrates Barbie’s 65th birthday. Described as “the perfect pink accompaniment for burgers” and capable of adding an extra layer of smokiness to everything from chips to pizzas, this vegan mayo is now available for purchase at Tesco stores and online through Heinz to Home.

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