Hefty Ultra Strong Trash Bags John Cena & Raccoon Commercial

John Cena takes the spotlight in a new advertising campaign for Hefty, crafted by DDB Chicago to spotlight the brand’s latest Ultra Strong trash bags.

The first commercial, titled “The Face Off,” unfolds in a dimly lit alley at night, where Cena stands alongside a woman grappling with her Hefty Ultra Strong trash bag while a raccoon lurks nearby. Addressing the standoff, Cena poses the question, “What happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable raccoon?” He prompts the woman to take action and attack, and she confronts the raccoon with a bark, sending it scurrying away.

Cena then reaches the waste bin and concludes that “it’s not easy taking out the trash”. “That’s why you need strenght that’s anything but ordinary,” he also says, showcasing the Hefty newest Ultra Strong trash bags.

Expressing his enthusiasm for the ongoing collaboration with Hefty, John Cena, who has been a brand ambassador for Hefty for eight years now, said “I’m excited to continue my partnership with Hefty and have enjoyed collaborating with the brand on the latest campaign.” “We all experience everyday challenges, and this campaign focuses on those realities, while also highlighting the strength and durability of Hefty’s products in fun and unique ways – like fighting off a racoon or two,” he also declared.

The campaign, set to unfold across various platforms throughout the year, spotlights other mundane yet demanding moments in life that necessitate different forms of strength, including the strength to finish up tasks and tidy up messes.

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