GEICO Accordion Commercial Actors

GEICO highlights, a new ad, that the company can help cover cars, homes, motorcycles, and even accordions.

The spot begins with a senior couple in their convertible, getting out of the garage, ready to hit the road. The husband tells his wife, Edna, that it’s “pretty liberating” knowing GEICO can help insure their car, and with our home insurance, her accordion, too. The lady, who’s holding her accordion, notices two neighbors coming down the road on a motorcycle and points out that they are not the only ones taking advantage of GEICO, referring to one of the neighbor’s accordion. She then starts playing the accordion in what turns to be an accordion showdown.

Realizing that his wife won the “competition” and the neighbor silently admitted defeat, the man proudly tells Edna “You sure showed him!”. “You bet your pickled peppers, I did,” she replies confidently.

At the end of the commercial, which features original music by Brooklyn-based media production company Tempest, the voiceover adds the tagline “Whatever you need, from coverage to service, get more with GEICO.”

In another recently revealed ad, Frankeinstein’s cousin, Trevor, promotes GEICO’s extensive coverage, including dead car batteries, as well as its 24/7 support.

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