Fiat 600 Mother's Day Commercial / Werbung

FIAT unveils its latest offering, the New Fiat 600e, marking the automaker’s electric return to the B-segment, through a charming Mother’s Day-themed commercial.

The advertisement showcases a contented woman in her Fiat 600, smiling at the camera, while her children in the backseat engage in playful antics, scattering snacks throughout the car. Against the backdrop of soothing opera music, the source of her serene expression is revealed: the luxurious massage function of the seat.

The closing shot features an onscreen message urging viewers to “Leave the stress behind. New 600 with massaging seats,” accompanied by a heartfelt “Happy Mother’s Day, Moms” greeting flashing across the screen.

Described as the larger counterpart to the New 500, the new Fiat 600e exudes Italian elegance and lifestyle with its chic design and array of features. Highlights include color therapy, massage functionality for a truly immersive experience, synthetic leather seats adorned with the Fiat logo, turquoise accents, and three-stage heating for a lavish Italian spa ambiance. Additionally, the vehicle offers enhanced space, extended range, and cutting-edge safety and assistance systems.

Capable of comfortably accommodating five passengers with ample front storage, the Fiat 600e boasts an electric range exceeding 400km (WLTP combined cycle) and over 600km in urban environments (WLTP urban cycle). Available in two distinct full-electric versions, the New Fiat 600e La Prima and New Fiat 600e RED, the model epitomizes the brand’s commitment to Italian style and sustainability, catering to urban dwellers and outdoor enthusiasts alike.

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