Cheez It Extra Toasty Bear Commercial

Cheez-It introduces its new Extra Toasty Snack Crackers in a humorous new commercial.

The ad features a man lounging on a furry rug by the fireplace in a cozy cabin, enjoying the new Cheez-It Extra Toasty crackers. “Did you know Cheez-It made Extra Toasty?” he asks the Cheez-It mascot cracker, who responds affirmatively and then informs the man that he’s not actually sitting on a rug.

It soon turns out that the man is sitting on a bear. The bear wakes up and, despite the mascot’s attempt to stop him, eats the man. “Hm, extra toasty!” the bear comments.

The advertisement concludes by showcasing the range of Cheez-It crackers, including Extra Crunchy, Extra Toasty, and Extra Cheesy, while a voiceover adds the tagline, “Want it, Need It, Cheez-It.”

The bite sized cheese crackers from Cheez It are made with real cheese and packed with cheesy flavor, making them perfect for game time, party spreads, lunches, evening snacking, and more.

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