Carlsberg Advert / TV Commercial - Feat. Cavepeople Drinking Carlsberg

Carlsberg has embarked on a fresh global fully-integrated campaign, titled “Do the best things begin with curiosity? Probably,” highlighting the notion that every advancement in the world is sparked by curiosity.

The film takes viewers on a journey through the ages and shows how, through a spark of curiosity, music was born. The opening scene features modern-day clubbers enjoying an open air concert, and the advertisement, which aims to capture the essence of exploration across time, then continues by depicting jazz-era swingers, dancing Roman Legionnaires, flautist shepherds and even whistling cavepeople.

Central to this campaign is the iconic “hop” leaf from the Carlsberg logo, symbolizing the brand’s enduring identity while adding a distinctive touch that resonates across all platforms.

Accompanying the visuals is the renowned breakbeat track “The 900 Number” by The 45 King, adding to the campaign’s vibrant energy.

The campaign, debuting on May 1st in the UK, will span across various mediums including cinema, TV, online videos, BVOD, consumer PR, CRM, OOH, social media, e-commerce, internal communications, as well as in-store and outlet activations.

“This campaign is rooted in the insight that we can push the boundaries of progress with curiosity, something that is intrinsic to our core values at Carlsberg. Our founder J.C. Jacobsen’s mantra was ‘Semper Ardens’, Latin for ‘always burning’. Today, over 177 years later, we are still using our curiosity to push the boundaries of brewing beer through science, whether that’s finding new ways to reduce the energy and water needed in the brewing process, or developing crops which can tolerate a more extreme climate,” Lynsey Woods, Global Brand Director at Carlsberg, said in a press release.

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