Bugatti Chiron Super Sport L'Ultime Commercial

Bugatti has launched a new commercial showcasing The Bugatti Chiron Super Sport L’Ultime, a special, final edition of the Chiron series, marking the end of an era for Bugatti’s iconic hypercar.

Limited to just 500 units, the L’Ultime incorporates unique design elements and craftsmanship that celebrate the Chiron’s legacy. Features include hand-written names of significant places in the Chiron’s development, a bespoke “500” emblem, and intricate interior details with deep blue leather and French Racing Blue accents​.

The L’Ultime is powered by the renowned W16 engine, symbolizing Bugatti’s engineering excellence. This model is not only a collector’s item but also a bridge to Bugatti’s future, which will include the upcoming Bolide and W16 Mistral models, as well as a new hybrid hypercar expected to debut in June 2024.

Reimagining the vehicle that first debuted in Geneva eight years ago, the Chiron Super Sport L’Ultime beautifully highlights the places where the model has cast its spell since 2016. The car’s bodywork features these locations in a hand-written inscription that gracefully transitions from ‘Atlantic Blue’ to ‘French Racing Blue’, adding a touch of elegance and historical significance to this final edition.

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