Aldi Australia Not a Sale Commercial Girl - Aldi Worker

ALDI Australia has unveiled a new advertising campaign titled “Every Day Low Price,” which highlights their consistently low prices across their entire range, every single day, rather than just on select items.

The 30-second commercial begins with a man addressing Aldi shoppers through the supermarket’s radio station, declaring, “Attention, Aldi shoppers.

These are not just low prices; it’s a sale.” The scene features multiple shoppers in an Aldi store.

The cashier, a young blonde woman, surrounded by numerous red balloons adorned with the word “Sale,” clarifies that it’s not a sale and that Aldi maintains such low prices every day. “Indeed, it’s an everyday sale!” the man enthusiastically announces, dropping a red poster that reads “everyday sale.” After a rain of confetti, one shopper appears convinced that a sale is underway, but the checkout operator continues to emphasize that it’s not a sale.

In the end, with only her head visible amidst the sea of balloons crowding her workstation, the cashier affirms that there is no sale, just consistently low prices every day at Aldi.

The commercial concludes with the tagline “Good different” appearing on the screen.

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