Xfinity 10G Network An Internet That helps A.I. Do Your Homework Commercial

Xfinity promotes its future-ready 10G network in a new commercial developed by Goodby Silverstein & Partners and directed by Lance Acord, which encourages viewers to never miss a buzzer-beater.

Filmed at the former Siemens HQ in Los Angeles, which served as Xfinity headquarters, features several children participating at a “Bring Your Kid to Work” Day event, where they come up with all kinds of questions and ideas. One of them suggests they invent “the best network imaginable”, another one points out that they “don’t have time for lag or buffering”, and another boy asks “Who doesn’t want an internet that helps A.I. do your homework even faster?”, which makes his father raise his eyebrows.

The commercial ends with the voiceover introducing the next-generation 10G network from Xfinity

Xfinity celebrated the launch of the 10G network earlier this year, with a Super Bowl commercial, titled “The Next Giant Leap”. The marketing campaign also includes another ad, dubbed “Red Flags”, which features a couple having a movie night on the guy’s mobile hotspot and dealing with interruptions due to the weak signal. As he’s looking for signal through the apartment, she begins to notice several red flags.


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