Wendy's Frosty Key Tag Commercial Girl

Wendy’s has revealed the return of its popular Wendy’s Frosty Key Tag promotion as part of its ongoing “Season of Giving” holiday deals that are truly delectable.

In the commercial, a woman enters a Wendy’s restaurant, placing an order for a Biggie Bag and a complimentary Chocolate Junior Frosty by virtue of her Frosty Key Tag. The cashier, upon learning about the key tag, initiates a special ritual involving his coworkers. Forming an arch with their arms, two employees create a passageway for Toby, who carries a huge key intended for the customer.

Toby, handing over the key, expresses, “We’d like you to have this key for your Key Tag, symbolizing the kindness of your heart in supporting foster care adoption.” The pleasantly surprised and slightly embarrassed woman accepts the key, noting its substantial weight.

As the commercial concludes, the voiceover emphasizes, “Choose wisely, choose Wendy’s $3 Key Tag, to support the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption.” This promotion enables customers to acquire a Frosty Key Tag for $3, granting them daily access to complimentary Frosty Treats for an entire year. These tags can be purchased at Wendy’s locations, through the Wendy’s mobile app, or in bulk on the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption’s website.

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