Wells Fargo Active Cash Credit Card Regina King Commercial

Wells Fargo promotes its Active Cash Credit Card, described as “an excellent cash rewards credit card for people looking for a no-frills card with a generous welcome bonus, no annual fee and a simple rewards structure”, in a new commercial, starring award-winning actress and director Regina King.

The spot highlights that the Wells Fargo Active Cash Credit Card lets you earn 2% cash back on what you want, like a chic velvet party dress, the perfect shade of lipstick, vintage earrings with a mysterious history and more, while on the screen Regina King is shown paying for these items with her Active Cash Credit Card.

At the end of the commercial, the voiceover is introducing the Active Cash Visa Credit Card, which lets you earn unlimited 2% cash back on purchases and adds the tagline “That’s real life ready”.

Regina King has been collaborating with Wells Fargo since 2021. Besides appearing in multiple others ads for the Active Cash Credit Card, she has also been involved in supporting financial health and career opportunities in resource challenged communities. With the rollout of the card, Wells Fargo announced a $1 million donation to Kollab, a workforce development program within the Los Angeles County Alliance for Boys & Girls Clubs.

This program helps participants learn about a wide range of career opportunities at the largest employers in Los Angeles and the pathways that lead to those careers and also acts as a bridge to secure internships and entry-level jobs for participants.

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