webuyanycar Part Exchange Advert Girl - Feat. Overweight Woman Dressed in Blue

webuyanycar has dropped a new advert in its “Just Sold My Car” series.

The spot, titled “Part Exchange,” features Rebecca, a young woman who celebrates the fact that she has just sold her car to webuyanycar and managed to secure the best price for her car. She gets out of the vehicle and starts dancing to the rhythms of a catchy reimagining of “Friday” by Riton and Nightcrawlers, spreading good vibes and lots of energy.

This is actually what other characters in the campaign do, too, as a way of celebrating their achievement. In another ad, a mother named Naomi and her twin daughters celebrate the sale of their old car by showing off their dance moves.

The campaign, which aims to highlight how simple it is to sell your car with webuyanycar and capture the feelgood vibes experienced by thousands of customers across the UK the moment they learn that they have sold their car, also features Mufasa (aka Jeff Obeng, also known as the man behind the “Friday dance”), Mark, a luxury car owner and his friend Dave, Pete and Jane – a quirky couple with “moves like Jagger”, and Ava, a city professional who sells her car with outstanding finance to trade up to her dream soft-top.


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