Wayfair.co.uk Escape the Catalogue Advert Couple - Actors

Wayfair promotes its online shop in a new advert that runs in the UK.

Created by BBH and titled “Escape the Catalogue”, the 40-second spot is first set against a gray living room backdrop and features a couple who learn find out that they are in a minimalist catalogue and all none of the things around them are real, including the apple the man is holding, the baby the woman is holding, and the families from other pages, whom they knew as their neighbors.

At this point, the two life partners stand up and start running. The voiceover tries to stop them by saying that nobody ever leaves the catalogue, but it soon turns out they can.

The end of the advertisement sees them jumping into their cozy, colorful living room and closing the homeware catalogue on the table, from which a baby doll is heard shouting “Mamma!”

“Go Your Own Wayfair,” the voiceover says, while on the screen this tagline, along with the brand’s website, are shown on a purple piece of home decor, hung above the chimney.

This advert, which will make its TV debut in July, marks the first instalment of an omnichannel brand campaign running in the UK, which aims to position Wayfair as the number one destination for all things home. The campaign also includes a series of stills showcasing the variety of products available at Wayfair and a second instalment, set to be released early in 2024.

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