Walmart Black Friday Lindsay Lohan Commercial

In a heartwarming twist, Walmart has reunited the beloved cast of “Mean Girls” for their Black Friday campaign, creating a nostalgic and star-studded spectacle that’s sure to capture the hearts of fans and shoppers alike. This creative collaboration was crafted by a collective of Publicis Groupe agencies, including Fallon, Publicis NY, The Community, Contender, and Digitas. The pièce de résistance of this campaign is the return of the “Mean Girls” cast, who are recreating iconic moments from the 2004 teen comedy, including the unforgettable “Jingle Bell Rock” performance.

The main spot, released on November 1st, seamlessly transports fans back to the halls of North Shore High, where the familiar faces of Lindsay Lohan, Lacey Chabert, and Amanda Seyfried make a triumphant return. While the passage of time is evident in the storyline, as some characters now have children of their own, the essence of “Mean Girls” remains beautifully intact. The ad even playfully winks at some of the most memorable moments and dialogues from the film, eliciting fond memories from viewers.

Lindsay Lohan, now a school counselor in the spot, provides a witty and nostalgic voiceover that invokes the spirit of the original movie. With the humor fans have come to love, she remarks, “Some things never change. On Wednesdays, we still wear pink.” The advertisement is not all nostalgia, though, as it showcases a range of enticing deals that shoppers can expect from Walmart’s Black Friday extravaganza. These deals include Signature by Levi Strauss & Co jeans for just $15, a 50″ Class onn. Roku TV for a remarkable $148, and a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles RC toy priced at an unbeatable $25, among others. Lohan’s voiceover humorously emphasizes that this isn’t just ordinary shopping; it’s “deal shopping,” reinforcing the incredible savings Walmart offers.

This star-studded commercial is more than just a “Mean Girls” reunion. It also features the delightful presence of Daniel Franzese, known for his role as Damian in the film, and the music sensation Missy Elliott. Missy’s iconic track, “Pass That Dutch,” provides the musical backdrop, adding an extra layer of fun to the ad.

Walmart’s Black Friday events are slated for November 10 and November 24, with online access kicking off on November 8 and November 22, providing an extended window of opportunity for deal-hungry consumers.

For those who are part of Walmart’s subscription service, Walmart+, there’s an exclusive bonus. Subscribers will gain a significant edge with 3-hour early access to the Black Friday Deals, making it an even more enticing proposition.

Walmart is set to keep the campaign rolling with additional ads every Wednesday throughout November. Furthermore, the digital shopping bonanza of Cyber Monday, following Black Friday, will also see Walmart maintaining the momentum generated by this star-studded and nostalgic campaign.

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