Volkswagen Tiguan Commercial 2023

VW promotes its Tiguan as a dynamic SUV that lets you focus on what’s important in a new commercial.

The spot opens with a young woman working from home and having a videoconference with some colleagues about the sales the company had in the past quarter. Unfortunately, she must deal with all kinds of “obstacles”, from her dog, who’s munching on her pencils while she’s talking about the numbers and an unexpected guest ringing at the front door.

Luckily for her, she has her Tiguan in the front yard and is able to have the important call from the car, with no interruption from her beloved pet.

The new 2023 VW Tiguan, built at the Volkswagen plant in Puebla, Mexico for the U.S. market, is available at dealerships starting in late Summer 2022. With three rows of seats and a sleek exterior design, the Tiguan is a great family vehicle that prioritizes comfort and utility. Trims include S, SE, SE R-Line Black, and SEL R-Line.

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