Volkswagen Passat ErgoActive Massage Seats Commercial - Feat. Man with Backpain

Volkswagen promotes the all-new Volkswagen Passat with optional ergoActive massage seats in a humorous new ad.

The spot features a man who wakes up in the morning having a terrible back pain and struggles to find a remedy. He gives up the idea of ordering some weird massage tools online and heads out, instead, to his Volkswagen Passat, equipped with ergoActive massage seat. After getting in the car and laying on his back, his pain slowly disappears and he is able to relax.

“Enjoy Relaxation with massage seats in the all-new Passat” an onscreen line reads at the end of the commercial.

“With the all-new Passat, we have placed great importance on high ride and travel comfort that customers will feel immediately. Among other things, this is ensured by the longer wheelbase and the new adaptive chassis control with two-valve shock absorbers. At the same time, our new display and operating concept is very intuitive. Climate-controlled massage seats illustrate our premium standard in the interior,” Kai Gr√ľnitz, Member of the Brand Board of Management responsible for Development, said in a press release.

The interior also features a new standard infotainment display that measures 32 cm (12.9 inches), a new 38 cm (15-inch) display as an option or depending on equipment, backlit touch sliders located underneath the infotainment system display, used to adjust functions such as the interior temperature and volume, and a new optional head-up display that projects the information onto the windscreen and thus into the virtual space in front of the vehicle.

The new Passat can also optionally park independently and cover long distances in assisted driving mode. The innovative range of three new plug-in and mild hybrid drives and five turbo petrol and turbo diesel engine variants is characterised by efficiency and a high level of travel comfort.

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