Volkswagen ID.7 Border Collie Dog on Leash Wanting Sausages Commercial / Advert

Volkswagen has unveiled a new advertisement for its latest addition to the ID. Family, the all-electric ID.7, focusing on the vehicle’s impressive range.

The ad is set in a natural, outdoor setting during a family picnic, with a teenage girl using her smartphone while attending to the family’s Border Collie. She holds the leash, preventing the dog from wandering too far. At a moment, the dog spots some sausages within reach, prompting it to approach. The leash gives the dog limited freedom, allowing it to get tantalizingly close to the savory treat but not quite within reach.

The commercial concludes with an onscreen message that reads, “Not everything boasts such an impressive range.”

Volkswagen initiated pre-sales for the all-electric ID.7 sedan earlier this year in August, starting on August 24. Customers had the opportunity to order the model in the Pro specification package, offering an exceptional range of up to 621 kilometers (WLTP) at a price of €56,995. With its short overhangs and an elongated wheelbase, the electric sedan provides a roomy interior with ample legroom for rear passengers. The spacious luggage compartment can accommodate up to 532 liters of cargo. The ID.7 also features an innovative operating concept, including an intelligent air conditioning system and a voice assistant. It’s the first vehicle to incorporate intelligent electronic air vents, evenly distributing air throughout the interior, allowing for rapid cooling or heating. Additionally, the optional panoramic sunroof, equipped with “smart glass,” can be effortlessly adjusted between opaque and transparent settings using touch or voice commands. The new IDA voice assistant is designed to comprehend natural language, making vehicle operation more user-friendly.

The ID.7 Pro model also includes an augmented reality head-up display, the “Discover Pro Max” navigation system, “Hudson” alloy wheels, a Keyless locking and starting system with SAFELOCK, and a suite of standard assist systems.

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