Volkswagen All-Electric ID.3 Jenna Commercial

Volkswagen promotes its new all-electric ID.3 in a hilarious ad.

The spot features a man approaching his neighbor, who’s charging his ID.3 in the front yard. When he finds out that the respective VW model is electric, the man says he and his wife (Jenna) decided to wait to change their car and turn to electric, because they want more range and faster charging. However, as he says that, Jenna returns home behind the wheel of the exact same car. “Hi, Jenna, how’s the test drive?” their neighbor asks her, leaving the husband speechless. Jenna answers that it’s “pretty cool”.

The end of the commercial sees the man’s child getting out of the car and announcing him excitedly that the car is electric.

The ID.3, built on the modular electric drive matrix (MEB), comes with ID. Software installed and this upgrades charging functions, including Plug & Charge, and keeps your ID.3 up to date with post-purchase upgrades.

The line-up includes the Pro trim, from £37,115.00, and the Pro S trim, from £42,870.00. On the automaker’s website customers can browse the latest ID.3 offers, get quick price estimates, calculate the cost of ownership and learn about our finance packages.

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