Victoria Plum Helen Skelton & Tom Advert

Victoria Plum, the UK’s largest online-only bathroom retailer, has enlisted Helen Skelton to star in a series of new ads.

In one of them, the TV and radio presenter, who became thus Victoria Plum’s first-ever brand ambassador, sits on the edge of a bathtub and reads a text from a piece of paper. “Victoria Plum, the UK’s largest online-only bathroom retailer, not only deliver wonderful bathrooms at great prices, they’ll also deliver it all for free, no matter how big or small your order,” she says. At this point, she stops and talks to the young man who does some work to the bathtub. “That can’t be right, Tom,” she tells him. “If I buy this bath, would you deliver it for free?” she asks. Tom confirms, but she keeps asking questions, willing to know if the same applies for bath tub and plug. For the bath tub, Tom confirms the delivery is free. As for the plug, he declares that no one really does plugs anymore.

“Are you sure? I’ve got a new series and a new book coming out. How’s that for a plug? she asks him, smiling. However, noticing that he is not smiling at all, she explains that she doesn’t write the gags, she just reads them.

At the end of the advert, the brand tagline “It’s all about you” appears on the screen.

As a brand ambassador, Helen will be involved in a range of activities including community and sustainability projects across the UK.

“Making home improvements is something I’ve long had a personal interest in which means I understand the hopes and expectations of Victoria Plum’s customers. I also know it’s a progressive business that’s dedicated to providing a great customer experience and delivering a beautiful end result.

It feels right for me to partner with Victoria Plum because I like the people, products and the way they successfully go about helping make customers achieve their dream bathrooms,” Helen said in a press release speaking about the partnership.

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