Verizon myPlan with NFL Sunday Ticket from YouTubeTV Josh Allen Commercial

Verizon has released a new commercial to promote its latest deal, which gives existing mobile customers the chance to get NFL Sunday Ticket from YouTube and YouTube TV for free, with Verizon.

The spot opens with a couple sitting on the couch in their living room and watching NFL Sunday Ticket. A neighbor is also watching, hidden in the bush outside of their home. At this point, Josh Allen, quarterback for the Buffalo Bills, sticks his head out of the bush, asking the man “That’s your plan to watch the game today?” The latter answers that he has to watch his neighbors’ NFL Sunday Ticket, which makes Allen point out that this is not his best plan. He then presents him myPlan from Verizon and urges the guy to switch now and get NFL Sunday Ticket from YouTube TV on them. “This plan is amazing,” concludes the neighbor sitting in the bush. However, he is soon invited by his neighbor to back away from there.

“Get NFL Sunday Ticket from YouTube TV on us. A $449 value,” the voiceover says at the end of the commercial.

In order to get NFL Sunday Ticket from YouTube and YouTube TV for free, existing mobile customers must purchase a select Smartphone and enroll in myPlan or upgrade to Unlimited Plus via myPlan. They can also score this deal by enrolling in select Verizon Home Internet plans.

myPlan offers customers +play credits, Apple One, the Disney Bundle, month-to-month flexibility and game-winning savings, of up to $449.

myPlan starts at $30 per line when you sign up for Unlimited Welcome with four or more lines with a $10/line AutoPay discount, plus taxes and fees.


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