Verizon Home Internet Woodpecker Commercial

Verizon urges consumers to cut the cable and switch to Verizon Home Internet in its latest commercial, titled “Cut”.

The spot features a woman paying a visit to a friend and praising the way her home looks. The host, named Jessica, takes the opportunity to let her know that she finally cut the cable and switched to Verizon Home Internet. This came with several advantages, which brought her satisfaction. First of all, she just plugged it in and was able to use the Internet, there’s no surprise price hikes or hidden fees, and her her bill was cut down to just $25 a month. “Cut to Jessica with the amazing speed and reliability of Verizon,” Jessica says proudly. At this point, their attention is distracted by a weird noise coming from outside. It turns out a woodpecker was pecking at her sign. “Hey, buddy, get off my sign,” the woman tells the noisy bird.

The commercial ends with the voiceover urging viewers to cut the cable and cut their Internet bill to just $25/month and switch with a 30-day Satisfaction Guarantee.

Plans start at $25/month with AutoPay and select 5G mobile plans.


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