Verizon Albert Einstein Commercial - Feat. Cecily Strong & Paul Giamatti

Verizon has released a new commercial starring Paul Giamatti and Cecily Strong. This time, Giamatti plays Albert Einstein, but he admits he hasn’t made a good decision when he chose his network because it “has gone kaput” when he needed it.

Cecily, who serves as Verizon spokesperson, tells thim he’s still a genius and that there is a smarter way to save – by switching to Verizon. When Einstein hears about the Welcome Unlimited plan, which is just $25/line, guaranteed for three years, rushes to switch to Verizon.

The commercial ends with the voiceover encouraging audiences to switch to Verizon for just $25/line, guaranteed for 3 years, and says the strapline “The savings that last on the network you want”.

In the company’s Christmas commercial, Giamatti portrayed Scrooge. Cecily Strong has also acted as an ambassador for the brand.


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