Uber Eats Yeti, Spaghetti Commercial

Uber Eats has dropped a new installment in its “Get almost, almost anything” campaign via Special and supporting agency village Essence Mediacom, Hello Social and H/Commerce.

The spot features Yeti standing on a table in the middle of a living room and wreaking havoc, while in the background an opera song plays. An onscreen line informs that Uber Eats does not deliver Yeti. What you can have delivered though is spaghetti. Various types of spaghetti and jars of tomato sauces are shown along with onscreen line “Spaghetti Yes”.

The campaign includes several other ads, each focusing on a specific niche and word games, such as “Apes, Grapes”, Bees, VBs”, “Laser, Razor”, Lightbulb, Lightning”, “A.I., Rib Eye”, “Cabaret, Cabernet”, “Evil Spirits, Spirits”, “Nans, Naans”, Muay Thai, Pad Thai”, “Carolers, Carrots”, and “Traps, Wraps”.

Other ads in the campaign feature Tom Felton ordering magic through Uber Eats and getting a magic wand which accidentally makes his neighbor, Jim, vanish, and, as a consequence, he gets arrested, and Bridgerton’s Irish actress Nicola Coughlan ordering “Period Romance” and finding herself living with a regency gentleman.

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