Twix Cookie Dough Talking Chickens Commercial

Twix promotes its new Twix Cookie Dough flavor in a hilarious commercial, featuring two talking hens.

The spot features the birds in their coop, watching a man eating a Twix cookie dough bar and starting to wonder what came first – the cookie or the cookie dough. At some point, one of them lays an egg, which makes her feel embarrassed.

TWIX Cookie Dough pairs the classic TWIX cookie bars with a creamy cookie dough flavored layer, sprinkled with delicious chocolate cookie bits, all coated with milk chocolate. The products is now available nationwide in Single Size (1.36 oz per bar), Share Size (2.72 oz per bar) and a Minis Stand Up Pouch (9.7 oz per pouch).

To celebrate new TWIX Cookie Dough hitting shelves nationwide, at the end of January, the Mars-owned brand partnered with snowboarder Maddie Mastro to create a limited-edition splitboard, the TWIX Doughboard. Half of the board has been left blank for fans to submit their designs and have the chance to be featured alongside Maddie’s design.

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