TurboTax Roller Skater & Fire Dancer Antonia Christa Commercial

Intuit has teamed up with roller skaters Derrick Pernell and Antonia Christa to promote its TurboTax system in a series of new ads, created like testimonials.

One of them features roller skater Anonia Christa, who reveals that she was born only seeing in one eye. “Being able to do my taxes, as a person with a disability, makes me feel independent. And it’s because of the accessibility feature on TurboTax. It makes me feel like I can do things all on my own, despite my disability, and there aren’t many things that do that for me,” she says, adding “With TurboTax I file my taxes with confidence”.

“Your taxes, your way. Do it yourself, get expert help or hand it off start to finish” onscreen lines read at the end of the commercial.

The other spot features full-time roller skater and roller skate instructor Derrick Pernell who says he would get tax paperwork (the I9s, the invoices, the 1099s), which can be a headache, but with TurboTax it was a sigh of relief. He also states that TurboTax makes it easy to get his taxes done, even if his situation changes.

The ad concludes with the onscreen lines “You taxes done right. Maximum refund, guaranteed”.

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