Tubi Lifeguard with Perfect Abs Commercial

Ad-supported video-on-demand service Tubi has launched a new ad campaign co-created by its creative agency of record Mischief @ No Fixed Address, which highlights that the things you love on Tubi…just keep going, no matter how strange or specific.

The campaign includes four short commercials that spotlight different genres on Tubi with an element that seemingly never ends and culminates with Tubi’s call to action for viewers to “find their rabbit hole”, out-of-home in New York City and spots geared towards die-hard football fans, set to run nationally and in local markets.

One of the commercials features a heartthrob lifeguard who shows off his neverending toned abs by the pool, to the delight of two women, who watch him exilarated. The voiceover declares that, on Tubi, the rom-coms where sexy heartrobs lift up their shirts to reveal the most perfect abs you’ve ever seen just keep going.

At the end of the spot the tagline “Find your rabbit hole” appears on the screen.

“There is no shortage of content available these days and many people are overwhelmed with choice but what’s unique about Tubi is you can continue to watch the obscure things you love without ever getting that empty feeling like you’ve reached the end of your favorite series,” said Nicole Parlapiano, Chief Marketing Officer, Tubi. “This campaign is an homage to and celebration of our passionate viewers and their individual tastes, and with it, we are aiming to meet them where they are in a contextually relevant way whether it be watching their favorite football team on Sunday or riding the subway in New York City,” he added.


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