TSB Bank Pink Stuffed Elephant in the Room Advert

TSB has released a new TV ad to promote its services. This time, the British bank highlights that you can talk to a TSB bank employee via video call 7 days a week for banking-related issues.

The spot opens with a man sitting at a restaurant table, announcing some friends who arrive there, that his mate Tiny decided to join them. Tiny, who is an animated stuffed elephant, reveals that their friend, who is named Stevie, nearly cancelled their dinner, stressing out about his spending. “But then he spoke to TSB and little old me didn’t seem so scary,” the cute elephant says.

The end of the advert sees the two fellows doing an original fist bump, with the elephant using its trunk. The voiceover urges viewers to talk to a TSB employee via video call 7 days a week.

The bank’s “Life Made More” campaign, created by McCann London and directed by Jeff Low, also includes a series of ads featuring the Friends star David Schwimmer, who promotes the Spend & Save current account debit card.

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