The General Stunt Driver Commercial – Feat. Shaquille O’Neal & Jordana Brewster

The General has dropped a new commercial, promoting the company’s flexible payment options, which let you pick your due date and stay in control.

The spot opens with Jordana Brewster as a stunt driver on a production set, being advised by Shaquille O’Neal, when she returns to the garage, to get easy on the gas. She explains that it’s a force of habit and that she gotta wrap the commercial she’s filming because she’s late on her payment.

The General declares that it’s ok because the insurance company gives you a break when you need it. “Yeah, we let you pick your own due date so you can pay your car insurance when it’s best for you,” Shaq adds. “Well, that’s good to know because this next scene might take awhile,” answers Jordana and then she leaves hanging on a rope ladder up in the air, under a helicopter.

“For a great low rate, go with The General,” Shaquille says in voiceover at the end of the commercial.


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