Thatchers Cider Perfection in Every Drop Advert

Thatchers Cider has released a new animated advertisement to promote its apple cider.

“Thatchers’ Farm slightly obsessed perfectionists making apple cider with nothing but love. I mean why grow eight varieties of Apple when you can grow 458?” the voiceover says in the opening of the 40-second spot, which also gives viewers a glimpse of the Apple Spa (“because happy apples make better cider”) and the man himself, Martin Thatcher, who shows up in a hot air balloon, Friday, 12:30 when it’s the tasting time.

The voiceover explains that the cider needs to hit the spot or not a drop will leave the farm and that’s why Thatchers’ Cider tastes the way it does.

The advert ends with the tagline “Perfection in every drop” appearing on the screen

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