Tesco Food Love Stories Steak Salad Advert - Feat. Girl with Bad Spray Tan

Tesco has released a new installment in its “Food Love Stories” campaign. This time, it features Sam’s ‘Saviour’ Steak Salad.

The spot begins with Sam returning home and finding her housemate, Jess, disappointed by what her spray tanning looks like. Sam tries to cheer her up by telling her that it’s not that bad but it soon turns out the result is actually bad. She then cooks her Steak Salad, made with a juicy Tesco Finest 30-day matured rib-eye steak and pan-fried to perfection. The slices of extra tender steak are served with green beans, soft goat’s cheese and some roasted carrots. Ready to enjoy the meal, Jess realized she has the same orange color as the roasted carrots.

The song used in the advert is the 1996 single “You’re Gorgeous” by British musical project Babybird, from their sixth album, “Ugly Beautiful” album.

Consumers can find her recipe, as well as many other recipes, inspired by other food love stories, such as Sue’s “dive in” crispy pork noodles, Alia’s “Worth the Wait” samosas, Cathy’s ‘It Get’s Easier’ Mushroom Stew, Tesco finest dinner for two, and more, on the supermarket chain’s website.

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