TalkTalk Full Fibre TV Advert - Feat. Overcharged Customers in Restaurant

TalkTalk promotes its Full Fibre broadband technology in a new advert, highlighting that, at TalkTalk, the things that should come as standard, do come as standard.

The spot features a man in a restaurant, who had dinner and is surprised to see the bill. He asks the waiter to come and explain if there has been an overcharge, noticing a price of £20 for a pint of lager. The waiter says there is a charge for the glass, a standard fee of £30 for laying the table and, asked about the consultation fee, he points out that the customer had a question about the wine, which leaves the two men at the table absolutely speechless.

The advert ends with the voiceover declaring that, “with TalkTalk Full Fibre, the things that should come as standard, do come as standard,” while on the screen Unlimited data, online security and award-winning Amazon router are listed. “It just makes SenseSense,” the narrator adds.

Viewers are advised to search TalkTalk Full Fibre for more information about the UK’s fastest, most reliable broadband technology.


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