T-Mobile Super Bowl Commercial - Donald Faison & John Travolta

T-Mobile tapped its longtime ambassadors Zach Braff and Donald Faison to co-star with John Travolta in its Super Bowl 2023 commercial, promoting the carrier’s 5G Home Internet.

The Grease star plays Braff and Faison’s new neighbor, who complains about his Home Internet. The two fellows advise him to try T-Mobile’s Home Internet. Created like a musical, the spot sees the trio switching up the lyrics to “Summer Nights” from the 1978 classic musical film “Grease” to tout the carrier’s Home Internet. Braff and Faison say “it sets up so fast” and “it’s like WiFi that runs on 5G”, which makes Travolta sing “Tell me more, tell me more”. “One cord’s all that you need,” he is told next. Eventually, they conclude that it “seems too good to be true”.

The minute-long ad will air during the fourth quarter of the Big Game, scheduled to take place on February 12. Braff and Faison appeared in several other ads for T-Mobile in the last months, including the carrier’s Super Bowl 2022 ad, in which the two actors are doing a riff on Leonard Bernstein’s “I Feel Pretty” from West Side Story. Faison has also helped Braff, who was tired of paying so much for home internet, discover internet freedom with T-Mobile, and showed him how much he can save with T-Mobile Home Internet.