T-Mobile iPhone 15 Zoe Saldana Commercial

T-Mobile has unveiled a new advertisement showcasing its latest offer, allowing both new and existing customers the opportunity to acquire the Apple iPhone 15 on T-Mobile. The deal includes eligible trade-ins and offers four lines of unlimited service for $25 per line per month.

In the commercial, Zoë Saldaña is featured in a ski shop where she notices a family with the cutting-edge Apple iPhone 15. Expressing her desire for her family to have the same phones, Zoë’s reflection in the mirror unexpectedly engages with her. The reflection enthusiastically suggests, “Zoe, you’re an action star. Join T-Mobile and get four new iPhone 15 on them and four lines for $25/month”.

Dressed in an oversized, puffy white jacket, the actress contemplates the possibilities of capturing moments with the iPhone’s camera, such as sharing pictures from the slopes. However, her reflection playfully points out that not only is she not good at skiing but also humorously remarks on her appearance in the jacket, likening her to a marshmallow. Despite Zoë’s confidence in her skiing abilities, her reflection cheekily reveals that her stuntwoman is the true expert.

T-Mobile emphasizes that with four eligible trade-ins, customers can obtain four iPhone 15s and enjoy four lines of unlimited service for $25 per line. This advertisement is part of T-Mobile’s ongoing “Deep Thoughts” series, informing consumers that they can receive the iPhone 15 Pro for free.

Other commercials in the series feature actress Lili Reinhart and rapper-actor Common.


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