T-Mobile iPhone 15 Pro On Us Lili Reinhart Commercial

T-Mobile is back with another installment in its “Deep Thoughts” series, and this time it features Lili Reinhart, who, with her signature wit and charm, wonders why she doesn’t already have the latest iPhone model.

As the commercial begins, Lili is in the makeup chair, pondering the absence of the iPhone 15 Pro from her life. She looks at the table nearby and notices that her makeup artist has the coveted device. “Why don’t I have the new iPhone 15 Pro? I’m Lili Reinhart. Actress, producer, dog-mom,” the Riverdale star muses to herself. A unique twist occurs when Lili’s reflection in the mirror starts engaging in the conversation. The reflection chimes in, advising her to take her adorable pup for a walk to T-Mobile, where both new and existing customers can get the iPhone 15 Pro with Titanium. The reflection emphasizes the amazing offer, which gets real Lili’s interest. “I think you’re amazing!” Lili’s reflection tells her. The real Lili graciously returns the compliment, and they mutually agree on their shared amazingness.

The spot concludes with a voiceover pointing out that T-Mobile itself is amazing, encouraging viewers to seize the opportunity and get the new iPhone 15 Pro with Titanium from T-Mobile. This offer not only includes the latest iPhone but also grants customers the freedom to upgrade every year. However, it is important to note that this offer is available to well-qualified customers who meet specific criteria, including eligible trade-ins, the Go5G Next plan, and 24-month bill credits.

This latest “Deep Thoughts” ad featuring Lili Reinhart follows a similar one, featuring rapper and actor Common, highlighting T-Mobile’s commitment to engaging with diverse and well-known personalities to connect with its audience.


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