T-Mobile Ben Barnes Rope Commercial

T-Mobile takes a jab at its competitors in its latest commercial, which promotes the Go5G Plus, a new rate plan with upgrade flexibility and the first wireless plan with equal treatment for new and existing customers.

The spot opens with Ben Barnes completely tied in to illustrate the state of Verizon customers.

“Does this happen to you? AT&T and Verizon roped you in with phone offers, then bind you with a three-year device contract?” and asks viewers, urging them to break free and go find T-Mobile’s Go5G Plus, the first plan that always gives new and existing customers the same great device deals. He also encourages audiences to bring their phone to T-Mobile and get one of the latest 5G smartphones free.

At this point, the phone rings and he answers. Apparently, someone’s asking him if he is free and another series of freedom-related jokes ensues. “Yeah, I’m not tied up at all,” he also tells the person he’s talking to. However, he can’t help declaring that there are too many rope jokes.

“Break free with Go5G Plus” an onscreen line reads at the end of the commercial.

The Go5G Plus is the first wireless plan that guarantees new and existing customers always get the same great device deals and are upgrade-ready every two years. Plus, they get $270 in added value every month for families and more. T-Mobile has also introduced a Go Back Guarantee for switchers and a plan promotion worthy of the Un-carrier’s Decade of Disruption, as well as The Easy Unlock, an emergency exit for those trapped in three-year contracts with phones locked to Carrier networks.


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