State Farm This Is Ludicrous Commercial - Feat. Ludacris

State Farm has unveiled a fresh commercial featuring Ludacris as part of its promotional efforts to highlight its insurance coverages.

In this advertisement, a couple of homeowners return to find their kitchen in chaos due to a broken sink faucet. Expressing their astonishment, the husband exclaims, “That’s ludicrous!” and, magically, rapper Ludacris appears in their kitchen. Ludacris acknowledges the absurdity of the situation but clarifies that he can’t provide any assistance. Instead, he promptly calls Jake from State Farm, who advises the couple to file a claim using the app or by calling State Farm.

Ludacris shared his enthusiasm for the campaign, stating, “Everyone has moments where they need a helping hand, and surrounding yourself with a community of good neighbors is one of the best ways to make life more enjoyable. That’s why teaming up with State Farm was a perfect fit for me, and I’m excited to bring this campaign to life with the iconic jingle and Jake from State Farm.”

In addition to his involvement in the State Farm commercial, Ludacris is set to star in the new Disney Christmas movie “Dashing Through The Snow,” directed by John Singleton. State Farm is embarking on its most significant creative effort in three years with this campaign, titled “The Right Kind of Magic.” Developed in collaboration with the agency Highdive, the campaign places renewed emphasis on the brand’s well-known “Like a Good Neighbor” jingle and features the familiar mascot, Jake from State Farm. The campaign premiered on Thanksgiving across various platforms, including broadcast, streaming, digital, social media, and radio, with plans for new installments to coincide with the NBA, WNBA, and NCAA seasons. Among the lineup of famous faces in the campaign are also Jimmy Fallon and college basketball star Caitlin Clark.

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