Spectrum One Sam's Hot Takes Commercial

Spectrum has released a new commercial for its Spectrum One.

The spot, part of “Sam’s Hot Takes” campaign, features Sam introducing Spectrum One as hot right now. She explains that Spectrum One includes Internet, unlimited mobile, advanced Wi-Fi, at an amazing value, and the voiceover urges viewers to get Spectrum Internet for $49.99/month plus Advanced Wi-Fi in your first line of unlimited mobile, free for 12 months. Sam also introduces the Xumo stream box and audiences are encouraged to add Spectrum TV to upgrade to Spectrum One, and get a Xumo Stream Box free for 12 months.

The young spokeswoman mentions that Spectrum One brings all the entertainment she wants in one place and the voice remote she has lets her search across live TV and her favorite streaming apps so she can find exactly what she wants, fast and easy. As the spot ends, she adds the tagline “It’s streaming simplified” and concludes that “This is as nothing you used before”.

The ad also informs that the monthly cost of $49.99 for 300 Mbps Internet is valid for 12 months with AutoPay.


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