Skechers Mr. T The Only T in Skechers Commercial

Skechers has enlisted “The A-Team” Mr. T for its latest satirical campaign, which aims to make light of the common misconception about how to spell correctly the brand’s name.

“Did you know there’s no ‘t’ in Skechers? Never has been, never will be,” a young man says in the opening of the 30-second ad, titled “Mr. T: The Only T in Skechers!”. At this point, Mr. T, an actor, former wrestler and television personality known for his signature gold chains, shows up, pointing out that Mr. T is always in Skechers. He is featured in different scenarios, wearing styles across the entire Skechers range. The young man explains that people often mispell Skechers and put a “t” in it, which makes Mr. T suggest they think about changing it.

The commercial then ends with the voiceover adding the tagline “Skechers. No ‘t’. Just comfort”.

“The people have spoken and it’s about time there was a ‘t’ in Skechers,” said Mr. T. “I pity the fool who doesn’t see how easy I find my way into every comfortable pair!” he also added.

The complete range of Skechers footwear, including products for men, women and kids, is available in Skechers retail stores, at, as well as in department stores and footwear retailers around the globe.

“The letter ‘t’ has never been part of our name but sometimes computers and voice-to-text apps autocorrect it the wrong way,” Michael Greenberg, president of Skechers, said in a press release. “Not that we are considering changing the spelling of our name, but it would have been foolish to say no to Mr. T – the only ‘t’ that belongs in Skechers,” Greenberg added.

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