Scott Toilet Paper Woman Who Clogged the Toilet Horror-Style Commercial

Toilet paper brand Scott, owned by North American Kimberly-Clark, tackles the gut-wrenching experience of battling toilet clogs outside your own home in a horror-inspired short film, part of a new, social-first campaign.

Directed by Chioke Nassor, who used an artful approach to the entire creative concept, the 3-minute ad opens with a young couple talking about visiting his parents before entering their home. The woman, named Claire, is obviously nervous as she’s going to meet her in-laws for the first time and wonders what could go wrong. Her partner assures her that everything’s going to be ok and she agrees, knowing that she brought herself Scott 1000, a toilet paper made with clog-free technology. However, she accidentally leaves it behind in the car and realizes it all too late.

Her trip to the toilet, during dinner, ends up really badly for her. The toilet paper she found in there clogged the toilet and she eventually chose to leave the house, jumping through the window. “It was only pee,” she shouts as she’s running across the woods.

“Don’t fear the flush with clog-free technology,” an onscreen line reads at the end of the commercial.

“We know clogging your own toilet is frustrating in itself, not to mention the added anxiety when it happens in public,” said Ken Champa, U.S. senior marketing director for household care and Scott at Kimberly-Clark, mentioning that the aim of this short film was to highlight that Scott 1000, a product with anti-clogging technology and “trusted in flushability and value” helps you avoid this kind of unwanted moments.

Made in the USA from domestic & imported materials, Scott 1000 is sustainably sourced & FSC-Certified, 100% biodegradable and safe for septic systems.