Samsung Galaxy Watch5 Commercial

Samsung reminds us that sleep is the cornerstone of everyday wellness and encourages people to track and manage their sleep with Galaxy Watch5 in its latest ad for the smartwatch.

The spot features a man who wears the Galaxy Watch5 the night before a racing competition. The next day he wakes up at 7.30 rested and fresh and manages to win the race, to his children’s absolute joy.

“Make your day epic with better sleep” an onscreen line reads at the end of the ad, which also shows a video being filmed with the new Galaxy S23 Ultra.

A catchy song, whose lyrics include “be the best”, plays at the end of the commercial.

In a previous ad, featuring a woman pouring cat food into her bowl and starts eating it for breakfast, whilst her cat is meowing at the colorful cereals placed into the bowl, the South Korean tech giant highlighted that with its new Galaxy Watch5 you can track your sleep stages.

The brand’s latest smartwatch, described as “the watch that knows you best” is available in Graphite, Pink Gold, Silver, and Sapphire.

The device features Advanced Sleep Coaching, 3-in-1 Bioactive Sensor, an improved battery, and is optimized for everyday wellness. It is now available for purchase from $84.99 with eligible trade-in or $3.55/month for 24 months with Samsung Financing.


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